Life Is A Journey

  • White Frame Style
  • Frame size 23cm x 23cm


'Life is a journey' is a picture to reflect the ups and downs that we encounter in life.  And yet even from the lows we can find something positive that will help us take the next step.

  • Care Instructions

    To help you enjoy your Beachcreations picture:


    Ensure your mounting surface and method of fixing is strong enough to support this item. Your safety is dependent on the construction and strength of the wall to which it is fitted. As mounting surfaces vary ensure appropriate fixings are used. An incorrectly fixed item may cause damage to the product and  your walls. Prior to drilling check there are no hidden pipes or electric cables!

    Special fixings may be required for partition walls. Always consult with a
    professional if you are unsure. If this item is heavy please seek assistance. To protect your item and ensure your future enjoyment please ensure that you:


    • Do not bang or drop this item as this may damage the internal parts and/or frame
    • Only hang by using a permanent fixing designed for such use
    • Take care when handling this item as it contains glass
    • Hang indoors only.


    Wipe clean with a soft, lightly damp cloth. Do not use harsh or abrasive

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